we walked through train tracks and dry grass 
planes took off 
you kissed me on the concrete steps 
overlooking 34 000 million litres of water 
body pressed against mine 
i saw melodies pulsating inside you
when breaking records on how many times people can fuck in just one night 
i never thought i’d lose u
just like this 
in plain sight 
you slipped through my fingers like sand 
Irish accent, and drinking problems 
i’m overwhelmed 
lacking your smell on my clothes


5th of oct

sterile environment, clean slate, this hasn’t been. walking along concrete, wasps, sand and flies, light headed, wetting things, thinking of the first time you entered me, ripe bananas, sauerkraut, in pain, blood dripping, accepting as earth, pressing palms, web of veins, on your forehead, spitting, in my mouth, release, pain, you can tell, falling, holding you tight between my thighs, your thick hair, dried lips, eyes that barely see, body reacting to sounds, orgasmic thoughts, rubbing, abruptly stopping, leaning against your chest, pressed down by your fingers, licking, eyeballs, body crouching on the floor, silent, moan, self aware, pull, me, harder, barefoot, tattooed, roses on fingers, water, against, your, hair, allow me, fuck me, tongue against mine, breathe in my neck, step towards me, a towel barely covers, your body weight on mine, cold feet, stripping, thoughts, wrapped, around, you, how do i manage, hold my wrists, on the flat lands of the Netherlands, i, have no patience, head and shoulders, journey, is long, under breath, bathing, looking, stroking, releasing, hands, neck, muscularly contracting your love 


do it for me