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is an artist and DJ who lives and works in London, UK. Her work sits at the crossroads of writing, sound, performance and sculpture as an investigation into the power dynamics within which identities are determined through both affective and affected bodies.



MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London (Sept 2013 - June 2015)

Diploma New Artistic Strategies, ICA, Moscow (Sept 2012 -2013)

BA Photography, Camberwell College of Arts, London (Sept 2009 - June 2012)

MA Sociology, Russian State University for the Humanities (Sept 2004 - June 2009)


2019 “SE15” Jupiter Woods, London, UK

2018 “Room” Almanac, Turin, Italy

2016 “You forgot numbers in my notes/Travelled seas through my veins through my spine/Run through my blood/At the pace of a good runner” Almanac, London, UK


2021 "Sustained" in collaboration with Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki. Movement Radio. Athens, GR

2020 Sibling Gardens, invited by Viktor Timofeev. Montez Press Radio, NY, USA

2020 "November" for WET

2020 FREE CASH - a 17 hour takeover on Cashmere Radio. Organised by Ruth Angel Edwards and Adam Gallagher Berlin, DE

2019 Performance with Lia Mazzari at Michael Speers' "xtr'ctn" record launch, Low Company, London, UK

2019 4U - Part 1 at Haus N, curated by 650mAh. Athens, Greece

2019 Nome D’us. Shore Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2018 Performative reading event. Jupiter Woods, London, UK

2018 A guiding dog for a blind dog. Futura, Prague, Czech Republic

2017 Dance, Dance, Dance. Bursa Gallery, Kiev International Biennial, Ukraine

2017 Meshes of the Afternoon. Roman Road, London, UK

2017 Kartateka at Biblioteka na Argunovskoy. Moscow, Russia

2016 Planned Obsolescence. Mitronic, Moscow, Russia.

2016 Aqnb x Video in Common. Club Pro LA, Los Angeles, USA

2016 Jupiter Woods at Sorbus Galleria, Helsinki, Finland

2015 Disobedient Children. Kunstraum, London, UK

2015 MFA Fine Art Degree Show. Goldsmiths University, London, UK

2014 Here, the other side. APT gallery, London, UK


2020 Unlearnt - an education module for Cosmoscow

2018 Fiction (collection of photographs and poems) publication launch. Calvert 22, London, UK

2015 How to sleep faster 6 publication launch and exhibition. Arcadia Missa, London, UK


2018 Garden show with Arthur Frederick Carroll, Charlie Gilmour, Denis Unal, Jack Jubb, Jessica Mai Walker, Natalie Dray, Maria Gorodeckaya. 63 Wood Vale, London, UK

2015 Post_Porn Conference with Feona Attwood, John Bloomfield, Richard John Jones, Leila Kozma, Michael Newman and Fannie Sosa. Peckham Liberal Club, London, UK


2015 In other words: Maria Gorodeckaya, Jupiter Woods, London, UK


2019-2022 PEER FORUM at Camden Art Centre. London, UK

2016 Desktop Residency: Maria Gorodeckaya 12.01.16 - 31.01.16 2016 Kevin Space, Vienna, Austria

2016 Siliqoon Lab with Derek Di Fabio, Colin Foster, Maria Gorodeckaya, Anna Solal. Macao, Milan, Italy 

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